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Ever since I can remember, country music has been my life. One of my first childhood memories is riding in the backseat of a family friend's jacked up Toyota Tacoma, blasting "Summertime Blues" by Alan Jackson. That day, I knew what I was born to do. My mission ever since has been to create music that makes people feel good, crank it up, and sing along.

I grew up under the evergreens just outside of Seattle, WA. I started creating music when I was five years old and I've been playing professionally since I was sixteen. From living rooms and intimate venues to fields and auditoriums, I love connecting with all types of audiences.

I grew up listening to many styles of music, and incorporate these influences into my songwriting and playing. My take on country music stays true to the genre's roots while exploring a piano-driven sound that incorporates hints of R&B, pop, and rock. 

I currently do not have any original music released, but I'm regularly putting out Youtube covers of popular country songs. Behind the scenes, I am growing my catalogue of original music while collaborating with other artists and songwriters. Some of my music has been featured in various film and TV placements, including movies on the Hallmark Chanel.

I'm very thankful to the outpouring of support from family, friends, and fans as I continue to build my audience, share my content, and pursue my truth full-time. I am blessed to work with a small, dedicated team that believes in what I do and helps me to share my music with the world. Please engage with me on social media and do not hesitate to hit me up. I'd love to meet you.

- Nick West


“Drunk Girl” Cover

From the White River Cover Series.

"What If's" Cover (Featuring Analise Malick)

From the Introducing Nick West Cover Series 


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