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21-year-old singer-songwriter Nick West was born to play Country Music. Growing up just outside of Seattle, WA, some of his first memories are sitting in the backseat of his Aunt Rachael’s Tacoma blasting Alan Jackson, George Strait, and Jason Aldean. He may not be from Nashville, but Nick found his truth in the storytelling lyrics and catchy melodies on country radio. This experience inspired him to start playing his own music at just five years old. At school, for family and friends, or even in wedding bands, Nick played wherever he could.

Nick grew up playing piano, teaching himself guitar, and singing songs from church or the radio. While continuing to honor Country Music’s traditions, Nick’s songs reflect influences from his upbringing incorporating rock, pop, and R&B sounds. In addition to playing music and writing songs, Nick West is an accomplished producer, credited on multiple releases and demos for artists like Analise Malick and Lauryn Tauber.

Nick’s recent YouTube “White River Cover Series” puts his own spin on current popular Country hits like “Drunk Girl” and “Sunrise Sunburn Sunset” in live videos filmed by the river near his hometown. In addition, Nick has had multiple song placements in movies on the Hallmark Channel. He is currently playing live shows in Southern California, the Northwest, and Nashville. Nick’s current focus is working on his debut EP, featuring his single “The Night is Ours,” which will be released in Summer 2020.

“My mission is to make music that makes people feel good, crank it up, and sing along”
— Nick West


“What If’s” Cover (Featuring Analise Malick)

From the Introducing Nick West Cover Series.

“Drunk Girl” Cover

From the White River Cover Series.


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